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Raise Money To Help Volunteers Saving Lives In Vientiane: Vientiane Rescue

Anne Barker, ABC correspondent, has documented the amazing story of Vientiane Rescue, a team of locals and expats in Vientiane volonteering their time and effort to save countless lives in this beautiful, but poor country.

Apart from the Vientiane Rescue Team, no medical assistance is available in Laos and police who are often the first to reach the accident scene are not trained in first aid.

Vientiane Rescue aims to bring assistance and provide a free and equitable emergency service to all accident victims in and around Vientiane. This is possible only through the good will, extraordinary dedication and generosity of the team.

In fact, Vientiane Rescue can barely afford to operate at all. The volunteers rely entirely on private donations to keep the emergency service running.

We want to help raise money to help this group purchase the Equipment needed to improve their skills and ability to help others.

Kevyn McGraw, an Expat living in Laos has set up an Indiegogo to help raise money for Vientiane Rescue. Donations can also be done towards Vientiane Rescue’s bank account: BCEL Account 092120001026649001, in the name of “Foundation For Assisting Poor People Of Lao PDR”.

With your donation you help save many lives.

For more information, please read the following article:


Thank you all for help and warm hearts.