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Vientiane Rescue (call 1623) Opens Additional Centre In Hadxaifong

Vientiane Rescue with its official name being the Foundation for Assisting Poor People of Laos is setting up the rescue hotline centre ‘1623′ in Nonghay village, Hadxaifong district, to provide urgent assistance to road accident victims over Lao New Year.

This is the second rescue centre to be established by the Foundation, with the first located in Thatluang village, Xaysettha district.

Mr Thaksin Khounnasen, who is in charge of the Nonghay rescue centre, said the Foundation decided to set up a centre at this location because the existing rescue team was called out five or seven times a day to attend to accidents on Kamphaengmeuang and Thadeua roads.

“I think the number of accidents will increase over Lao New Year on April 14, 15 and 16, especially as some drivers flout the traffic regulations by drinking and driving,” he said.

Vientiane Rescue 1623

Every day, at least 10 volunteers will stand by at the centre waiting for phone calls. When a call comes in, five of them will go to the scene of the accident in an ambulance that contains life-saving equipment.

Ambulances that depart from the Thatluang rescue centre take at least 20 minutes to reach Hadxaifong district in the rush hour, and about 15 minutes at other times of the day.

“I think we can reach central Hadxaifong district faster by being located in Nonghay village,” Mr Thaksin said.

He thanked the Hadxaifong Administration Office for allocating land for the rescue centre. He also thanked Meuangvang Phatthana Company for their purchase of a container worth about 50 million kip to house their office.

In addition to helping road accident victims, the rescue team from the Foundation for Assisting Poor People of Laos helps people who need urgent assistance at home, such as a birth, drowning, or other potentially life-threatening situation.

People with brain or bone injuries will be taken to Mittaphab Hospital while those with other conditions will be taken to Setthathirath or Mahosot Hospital depending on which is closest.

“All services are free of charge. We work here around the clock,” said Mr Thaksin.

The Traffic Police Department reported yesterday that road accidents nationwide in 2014 killed 1,054 people and injured 9,264 others, as well as causing damage totaling more than 72 billion kip.

According to the report, so far this year 2,687 people have been involved in traffic accidents from January to March.

Of those, 280 people were killed, 331 were left in a critical condition, 947 were seriously injured and 1,129 people were slightly injured.

Source: Vientiane Times