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Laos’ Trash Problem Is An Ecological Time Bomb

In Laos, newly-empowered consumers are basking in the benefits of the polymer industry without knowing the consequences of their consumption on marine ecosystems.

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Australian Chamber Of Commerce Expands Its Network

On 30 March, the Australian Chamber of Commerce held its debut event, the Savannakhet Sundowner in Savannakhet. Austcham has recently expanded its network to Savannakhet and will be the first foreign Chamber of Commerce in …..

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Savannakhet Provincial Capital Seeks City Status

Savannakhet provincial capital has the necessary criteria and conditions for development as a city, including financial self-sufficiency.
The district has a population of 130,000 people, which is above the number defined in the draft Law on Municipality and City presently being considered by the government. This piece of legislation states that a city should have a population of not less than 80,000.
With regards to infrastructure, the town has both narrow and broad roads, as well as shopping centres and other facilities. It is currently the second largest town in Laos after Vientiane and is linked by …..

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Lao Airlines Operates Daily Savannakhet-Bangkok-Pakse Flights

National carrier Lao Airlines officially began daily Savannakhet-Bangkok-Pakse flights on August 1, after previously flying the route only three times per week.
The additional flights are to serve tourists and businesspeople in Laos and Thailand, who fly between Savannakhet, Laos, Bangkok, Thailand and Pakse, Laos ……

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