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Watch Out For Pink Eye In The Wet Season

At this time of year you may notice friends and family members with at least one pink eye. This isn’t a colourful contact lens, it’s Conjunctivitis, an eye infection that commonly occurs during the rainy season when bacteria thrives.

While both bacteria and viruses cause conjunctivitis, the Ophthalmology Centre in Vientiane has found that bacteria are almost always the cause of the cases it encounters.

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Communication (Phone-Internet-etc)Phones

Beeline Remains Disconnected As Telecom Operators Maintain Boycott

VimpelCom, a major telecom firm operating under the Beeline brand name, yesterday tried to resume connections with other telecom networks in Laos but failed to do so.
Management from the Lao-Russian joint venture yesterday met with top officials from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications in Vientiane, hoping to seek assistance from telecom authorities to enable Beeline subscribers to connect with the Lao Telecom, Telecom Lao and Star Telecom networks.
The failed connection has had a serious impact on all mobile phone users, who have been unable to contact Beeline subscribers.

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Toko Assurance To Provide Insurance For AirAsia Passengers

Air Asia has appointed Toko Assurance as the exclusive insurer for AirAsia passengers travelling from Wattay International Airport in Vientiane.
All passengers on AirAsia flights will have the option to be covered not only whilst on board their flights but also for the entire duration of their trip when they purchase AirAsia travel protection.
J&C Services, being one of the leading agents of Toko Assurance and their top agency in the “non-motor” insurance market, also attended the signing ceremony.

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Fixed Import Tariffs To Continue Until 2013

The government will continue to set a fixed price as a reference for import tariffs on some commodities until 2013, despite calls from international companies to abolish the trade barriers, the Ministry of Finance announced.

The government will continue to use the fixed price system to levy duties on some imported goods for the remainder of this year and the next. Customs officials will begin to apply levies based on the actual price of most imported goods leading up to 2013, as this is one of the main requirements for Laos to become a member of World Trade Organisation

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Regal To Build Largest 5-Star Hotel In Laos

The US$100 million hotel is a joint investment between the Ministry of National Defense, which will hold a 25 percent shareholding and the Regal Global Investment Development Group. The project contract is for a period of 99 years and the hotel will replace the existing Rasavong Hotel at km5 area in Xaysettha district.

According to the group, the hotel will consist of 350 rooms, including 20 VIP rooms and 30 suite rooms, on a total area of 120,000 square meters.
The hotel will also contain a shopping complex, as well as restaurants, entertainment facilities and a cinema.

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Finance - Banking - MoneyPermits

Foreign Investors Allowed To Own Land in Laos

The Government has decide to allow foreign investors to own residential land rights after spending more than a year defining the details of the law. Foreigners who have invested US$500,000 or more in Laos can now apply to buy land from provincial and capital authorities in accordance with the amended Law on Investment Promotion.

Under the new prime ministerial decree, eligible foreign investors will be allowed to purchase a maximum of 800 square meters of state-owned land for residential purposes or to construct on office building.

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Foreigners To Pay More Income Tax

It was Benjamin Franklin who said that nothing is certain in life except death and taxes. He certainly wasn’t wrong, even here in Laos. A new law is set to increase taxes paid by foreigners from the current flat rate of 10% to up to 28%. Tax paying organisations with a large amount of foreign workers are in for a rough ride.
The presidential decree regarding tax which has now been passed was dated 01 March 2011 and amends the existing tax rates of Profit Tax, Business Turnover Tax and Personal Income Tax.

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Firemen Issue Warning To Property Owners

Vientiane fire brigade on Thursday issued a stern warning to property owners to replace old electrical cables in their buildings to prevent the outbreak of fire.

According to the brigade, poorly maintained or damaged electrical cables and equipment is now one of the leading causes of fire and is destroying houses in Vientiane almost every day.

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