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Vientiane City At High Risk Of Widespread Dengue Outbreak

On August 7, the Centre of Information and Education for Health, under the Ministry of Health, reported that 15,661 people had contracted dengue fever so far this year and 16 people are known to have died from the virus.

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Nation Needs To Focus On Fight Against Dengue Fever

Health authorities say officials and the public have achieved excellent results in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic, but Laos now needs to prevent an outbreak of a virulent form of dengue fever this rainy season.

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Vientiane Dengue Fever Rates Higher This Year

Health authorities in the capital have admitted that the outbreak of dengue fever is higher this year compared to the same period in 2016.
From January 1-24 this year, 70 dengue fever infections have been recorded in Vientiane, while in the same period last year there were no reports of any outbreaks. The news comes with 12 out of 18 provinces in the country reporting dengue fever at alarming epidemic levels though …..

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Mosquito Bites Blamed For Death Of Expat Volunteer Teaching In Laos

An east Lancashire man who was working in Laos has died after contracting a tropical disease believed to have been caused by mosquito bites.
HGV driver David Murray, also known as ‘Muzz’ to his friends, was three months into a year-long stay at a project aimed at teaching young orphans English when bites on his legs became infected.
The 39-year-old was taken to hospital by volunteers at the Sae Lao Project, in the village of Nathong, in Laos, but died after going …..

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